Other Golla Families

I will post information about other Golla families (not direct descendants of Joseph and Frances) as I become aware of it.  Please feel fee to contribute whatever information you have!

Please note that the information below is not fully researched, and may contain errors.  Updates will be made as research continues and as more information is discovered.


John Golla was born in 8 Nov 1853; immigrated to the United States in 1881, and died 7 Nov 1930 in Alpena, MI.  John lived in Alpena, MI, and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Alpena MI.  John married Susanna Maliszewski.  Susanna was born in 24 Mar 1850 in Poland, and died 20 Jan 1927 in Alpena, MI.  John Golla is a son of Peter and Veronica Golla, and brother of Joseph Golla.

John and Susanna had the following children:

  • Bernard Frank Golla, born 4 Aug 1876 in Germany, died 7 Aug 1926 in Alpena, MI.  Married Pelagia “Lena” Kubieka (or Krebicke) on 6 Jul 1896.  Lena was the daughter of George and Zuzena (Monechepski) Kubieka.  Children of Bernard and Lena Golla are Gertrude Golla, Clara Golla, Theodore Golla, Anastasia Golla, John Golla, Henry Golla, Frank J. Golla, Irene M. Golla, Clarence B. Golla, Blondina Golla, Victor A. Golla, and Patricia A. Golla.
  • August John Golla, born 16 Jul 1881 in Oil City, PA, died 16 Apr 1947 in Alpena, MI.  Married Stanislava (“Stella”) Bulmanski on 24 Oct 1910.  Stella was the daughter of John and Francis (Pysyrzwska) Bulmanski.  August is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Alpena, MI.  August was sometimes known as Gust or Gustav.  Children of August and Stella Golla are Henry Golla, Gertrude Golla Dowling, Francis Golla, and Clarence B. Golla.
  • Mary Golla, born 18 Feb 1884 in Alpena, MI.
  • Veronica Golla, born 16 Sep 1886.  Also known as Ronie.  Married Joseph Piaskowski on 6 Nov 1906.  Joseph was the son of Stanislaus and Mary (Wotoszyk) Piaskowski.
  • Sallie Golla, born Dec 1889.

Possible child of John and Susanna:

  • Theresa Golla, born 1896, died 24 Dec 1896; only lived 2 months.  Note: This individual is listed on Findagrave.com in Alpena MI, though I’m not certain this is a daughter of John and Susanna.  John and Susanna would have been in their mid 40’s by this time.  It’s also possible that this was a child of Bernard, who would have been 20 at the time, although he had only been married approximately 3 months.

Source information and other documentation for John and Susanna (Maliszewski) Golla and their children.


Jacob Golla was born 28 Apr 181; died 9 Feb 1944.  He married Pauline Sobecka, also known as Paulena or Lena, who was born 22 Jan 1865, and died 29 Jan 1955.   Jacob and Pauline lived in Omaha, NE, and both are buried at Saint Mary Magdalene Cemetery in Omaha, NE.  Jacob Golla is a son of Peter and Veronica Golla, and brother to Joseph Golla.

Jacob and Paulena had the following children:

  • John Golla, born about 1889.
  • Frances Golla, born about 1891.
  • Vera Golla, born about 1894.
  • Martha Golla, born 3 Nov 1898, died 23 Mar 1974.  Married Paul Homan, who was born 1899, died 1978.
  • Leo Theodore Golla, born 29 Oct 1903, died 3 May 1969.  Married Josephine Elizabeth Antoniak, who as born 1906, died 1982.
  • Helen Golla, born 8 Dec 1904, died 15 Jul 1990.  Married Raymond Gallenz, who was born 1904, died 1951.
  • Leona Golla, born about 1909.  Married Wayne Mitchell.

Source information and other documentation for Jacob and Pauline (Sobecka) Golla and their children:


Frances Golla was born 15 May 1867, died 23 Nov 1939.  She married John Bonikowski in 1884.  John and Frances lived in Alpena, MI, and had 15 children.  Additional details for this family can be found at the Bonikowski’s of Michigan web site.   Frances is a daughter of Peter and Veronica Golla, and a sister to Joseph Golla.

John and Frances had the following children:

  • Frank Bonikowski, born 2 Apr 1885, died 17 Feb 1957.
  • Elizabeth Bonikowski, born 23 Aug 1886, died 28 May 1968.
  • Stanley Bonikowski, born 28 Apr 1888, died 3 May 1949.
  • Theodore Bonikowski, born 29 May 1889, died 23 Apr 1936.
  • Helen Bonikowski, born 18 February, 1891, died 28 Nov 1973.
  • Julia Bonikowski, born 2 April 1892.
  • Joseph Bonikowski, born 30 Nov 1894, died 20 Feb 1952.
  • Celia Bonikowski, born 23 May 1895, died 29 Oct 1977.
  • Clara Bonikowski, born 9 Nov 1896.
  • Jane Bonikowski, born 21 Aug 1899.
  • Katherine Bonikowski, born 22 Oct 1901.
  • Veronica “Nona” Bonikowski, born 4 Feb 1903, died 21 Jan 1973.
  • John Bonikowski, Jr, born 9 Jun 1905, died 15 Jun 1907.
  • David Bonikowski, born 1 Jun 1908, died 21 Oct 1988.
  • Edwin Bonikowski, born 12 Jun 1910, died 3 Oct 1971.